Need Help?

Crisis Care

For Life Threatening Emergencies:

Call 911

Or go to your nearest Emergency Room


For other crisis needs 24/7:

  • Call (949) 824-6457 and select Option # 2

    ♦   Or 1-866-817-9842

    ♦   Text “Home” to 741741


Workshops are being offered in-person and virtually via Zoom (HIPPA compliant). Click on the Zoom link to connect to an online workshop. You can attend multiple workshops throughout the quarter.

Please note, workshops begin 5 minutes after the start time listed below and are closed 10 minutes past start time. 


Starts: 12:00pm
Ends: 1:00pm

In-Person & Virtual Options

In-Perons Location: LARC (3700 Anteater Learning Pavilion)

Virtual Zoom Link:

Click your prefered attendance option on the right to view dates for each.

Academic Boot Camp Workshop Series



This three-part workshop series will focus on increasing motivation to start and work towards completing academic tasks, reducing avoidance or difficult projects/assignments, and developing better time management and prioritization skills.

In-Person Option

LOCATION:LARC (3700 Anteater Learning Pavilion)

01/17/2023 Maintaining Motivation
01/24/2023 Reducing Avoidance
01/31/2023 Improving Time Management
Virtual Option


02/14/2023 Maintaining Motivation
02/21/2023 Reducing Avoidance
02/28/2023 Improving Time Management


Starts: 1:00pm
Ends: 2:00pm

Hybrid Options

You may join this workshop in-person OR via Zoom on the dates indicated.

In-Person Location: Counseling Center Main Office (203 Student Services I)

Virtual Zoom Link:

Wellness Wednesday Workshop Series



Join us for this weekly workshop series where you can learn skills, information, and resources about a variety of topics that impact college students today.

In-Person Location: Counseling Center Main Office (203 Student Services I)

Virtual Zoom Link:

01/11/2023 Test Anxiety
01/18/2023 Motivation
01/25/2023 Procrastination
02/01/2023 Self-Care
02/08/2023 Why Make Things? 
02/15/2023 Communication Skills in Building Healthy Relationships
02/22/2023 Healthy at Every Size
03/01/2023 Test Anxiety
03/08/2023 Building a Self-Care Toolkit
03/15/2023  Sleep Hygiene


Starts: 3:00pm
Ends: 4:00pm

In-Person & Virtual Options

In-Person Location: 203 Student Services 1 -Main Counseling Center

Virtual Zoom Link:

Click your prefered attendance option on the right to view dates for each.

Graduate Student Workshop Series


*For Graduate Students Only*

This is a four-week workshop series for graduate and professional students and each week would have a topic such as: stress management,  time management, imposter syndrome, and navigating academic relationships. This workshop series aims to help graduate and professional students understand their concerns related to each topic and develop skills to improve them.

In-Person Option

Location: 203 Student Services 1 -Main Counseling Center

01/26/2023 Stress Management
02/02/2023 Imposture Syndrome
02/09/2023 Time Management
02/16/2023 Navigating Academic Relationships
Virtual Option

Zoom Link:

02/23/2023 Stress Management
03/02/2023 Time Management
03/09/2023 Imposter Syndrome
03/16/2023 Navigating Academic Relationships

Weathering the Weather

It is getting closer to the holiday break and the end is in sight! Soon we will be with family and friends and getting some much-needed relaxation after the start to the quarter! Phew!

While this time can be something to look forward to, it is important to still be aware of caring for your mental health. Here are some things to consider as we reach the end of the year!

Summer Reflection

Summer is a great time to reflect on all the things you have done and learned along the way, and to also consider what areas you would like to grow into as you transition into the next academic year.

Take time to reflect, and perhaps even journal out your thoughts:

How to Improve Relationship with Food

Are you struggling with your relationship with food? In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week that occurs Feb. 21st- Feb. 27th here are 7 tips that will help you improve your relationship with food:

1. Be aware that there are NO “good” foods and “bad” foods. All foods provide nutrition and sustenance to the body and our bodies need protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and even sugar and fat to survive. All foods are good if you eat a variety of foods to get all of the nutrients that you need in moderation….