Group Therapy and Workshop Services

As of March 18, all mental health services are being provided via telebehavioral health services modalities (secure video conference and phone sessions). No students or clients will be seen in-person at any Counseling Center location at this time. If you wish to initiate services, please call 949-824-6457 and leave a voicemail requesting appointment information and availability. Our front office staff will call you back to assist in scheduling. They will also help guide you through the process of completing paperwork online, obtaining an appointment for a secure, confidential, online meeting with a mental health provider.  

Groups can be especially beneficial for students who learn from others or feel isolated, depressed, or anxious, or who are concerned about how they relate to other people.

Group therapy services offer an opportunity for you to meet others who have  similar experiences and who also want to pursue personal growth. Group therapy is a very effective way to learn about yourself and how others see you. In the supportive atmosphere of the group, you also may experiment with new, more rewarding ways of relating to people.

Due to the Counseling Center operating remotely, group therapy services will be offered differently this quarter. The Counseling Center will be providing online drop-in group sessions to assist students in the spring quarter. No prior contact or screenings with the Counseling Center is required to attend these drop-in sessions.  Just go to the group of your choice and click on the listed link to connect to the online drop-in group (Drop-in Groups are being conducted via a HIPAA compliant zoom). You can attend multiple drop-in groups through out the quarter.   

We are also assisting our students by providing online workshop series. All of the Counseling Center normal workshop series will be offered remotely this quarter. Just click on the designated link to the workshop of your choice. 

See the full listing of virtual Drop-In Groups and Workshop Series below. We hope to see you soon! 

Additional Group Information

Learn more about group therapy in university counseling centers:

American Group Psychology Association

For additional information about group therapy in general, as well as the ability to locate group therapists in the U.S., you can visit

Spring 2020 Virtual Drop-in Groups and Workshop Series

Groups marked with an ** require a pre-group meeting with the group leaders. For more information about Counseling Center groups, please contact: specific group leaders at (949) 824-6457


  • ACT on IT Workshop Series

    Counseling Center Staff

    Mondays, 1:00-2:00 PM

    ACT on It (Weekly)

    Click to Join on Mondays 1pm-2pm:

    Week 1 Calm Your Worry

    Week 2 Go With the Flow When Life is Out of Control

    Week 3 Building the Perfect Relationship

    Week 4 Move out of Your Funk

    Week 5 How to Talk the Talk

    Week 6 Control and Suffering: an Intro to ACTing on It

    Week 7 Practicing Mindfulness and Acceptance

    Week 8 Being Mindfully Present

    Week 9 No Workshop In Observance of Memorial Day

    Week 10 Taking Committed ACTion

    Week 11 Being Flexible in the Future


  • Graduate Student Support Group**


    Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00 AM (pre-group screening required)

    This is a graduate student process-oriented support group that focuses on increasing insight and gaining support on topics including academic concerns, personal growth, relationship concerns, and work-personal life balance.


  • Finding Your Calm**


    Wednesdays 2:00-3:30 PM (pre-group screening required)

    Students will increase awareness of their personal reactions to stressors, learn anxiety management techniques, practice breathing and relaxation exercises, and gain support.

  • Wabruda Drop-in Group


    Wednesday, 5:00-6:30 PM @CBCRR

    Wabruda (Swahili for Brotherhood) is a group for empowering and supporting African American/Black men.

    **Partnered Event with CBCRR

  • Wellness Workshop Series

    Counseling Center Staff

    Wednesdays, 1:00 - 1:50 PM Every Week

    Wellness Workshop Series (Weekly)

    Click to Join on Wednesdays 1pm-2pm:

    Week 1 Compassion for the Inner Critic

    Week 2 Party SMART

    Week 3 The Mind Body Connection

    Week 4 Beating Test Anxiety

    Week 5 Managing Stress in all the Right Ways

    Week 6 How to Keep Your Cool

    Week 7 Time Management

    Week 8 Expressive Writing for Self-Care and Wellness: Write Within

    Week 9 Sleep Hygiene

    Week 10 Beating Test Anxiety

    Week 11 Stress Less with Mindfulness

  • Healthy Relationship Workshop Series (Weeks 2,4,6,8)

    Sheva Assar, Psy.D.

    Wednesdays, 3:00-4:00 PM, Location: Women's Hub Empowerment Zone

    Here is the list of the Winter Quarter Healthy Relationship Workshops!

    Week 2: Jan. 15th      #RelationshipGoals
    Week 4: Jan. 29th      Express Yourself
    Week 6: Feb. 12th      Love Languages (This workshop will be held from 3pm-4:30pm)
    Week 8: Feb. 26th      Self-Care 

    **Partnered Event with the Women's Hub


  • Academic Boot Camp Workshop Series

    CONTACT: Jonathan Flojo, Ph.D. or Shruti Mukkamala, Ph.D.

    Thursdays, 1:00 – 2:00 PM, Weeks 5-7, 8-10;

    This drop-in group will focus on increasing motivation to start and work towards completing academic tasks, reducing avoidance or difficult projects/assignments, and developing better time management and prioritization skills.

    Academic Boot Camp (Weeks 5-10)

    Click to Join on Thursdays 1pm-2pm:

    Weeks 5 (May 1st) & 8 (May 22nd) - Improving Motivation

    Weeks 6 (May 8th) & 9 (May 29th) - Approach, Not Avoid

    Week 7 (May 15th) & 10 (June 5th) - Improving Time Management


  • Destress with Yoga Workshop Series

    CONTACT: Greg Arbo, M.A.

    Fridays, 11:00-12:00PM, Weeks 4 through 8 of Spring Quarter

    Destress with Yoga (Weeks 4-8)

    Click to Join on Fridays 10am-11am:

    Week 4 April 24th: Ethics

    Week 5 May 1st: Breath

    Week 6 May 8th: Movement

    Week 7 May 15th: Meditation

    Week 8 May 22nd: Layers of Self

  • Coffee and Cultural Connections Hour

    Contact International Center for more Information or Julie Whipple, M.A. in the Counseling Center

    Coffee and Cultural Connections Hour (Partnered Event with International Center)

    Click to Join on Fridays 11am-12pm:

    Week 1 Friday April 3rd: Staying Connected 

    Week 3 Friday April 17th: Empower Self, Not to Overwhelm

    Week 5 May 1st: Burnout and Exhaustion

    Week 7 May 15th: Stress Management 

    Week 9 May 29th: Open Discussion