TAO (Therapy Assisted Online) 

The TAO tools and platform were built to meet many student educational and skill development needs in well-being and behavioral health.  TAO can be used to provide self-help when students need support and education for common issues, and to provide professionally guided help when the student’s problems require a higher level of care.  The TAO platform includes a measure of resilience that allows administrators to track the utilization and effectiveness of the tools in various use cases on campus.  TAO can also be tailored to provide resources for various campus partners. Please contact the Counseling Center (949-824-6457) or email Dr. Meladee Garst at garstm@uci.edu, if you are interested in creating TAO resource for your department. 

Check out this video below to learn more about TAO self-help! To sign up for TAO Self- Help please go to http://thepath.TAOconnect.org

Wellness Place

Resources for managing stress and assessing wellness

Online Mental Health Screenings

Free, anonymous screenings for depression, anxiety problems, eating disorders, and alcohol problems. This screening tool can help you decide if meeting with a therapist might be helpful


An anonymous online resource for college mental health where you can find excellent self-assessment tools and fact sheets on mental health

Half of Us

Sponsored by ULifeline, Half of Us has videos and blogs from celebrities about mental health issues

Each Mind Matters

Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement. We are a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to a shared vision of mental wellness and equality.

The Counseling Center Village

Provides information on a wide array of mental health issues. View the virtual pamphlet collection on this web site that covers topics from A to Z. (ex: Under “Anxiety”, you can read about “Anxiety: How to Cope with It” and under “Writing,” you could take a look at “Dissertation Tips.”)

Keeping the Balance: A Resource Guide for Well-Being in Graduate and Professional School

Written especially for UC Irvine graduate and professional school students, this booklet contains information and resources that can be helpful in balancing the demands and challenges of graduate school