A psychiatrist can aid therapists in diagnosis, assessment of medication needs, and development of therapeutic goals and treatment planning.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center has two psychiatrists on staff. Students who are not concurrently receiving therapy at the Counseling Center will be referred to the community for psychiatric services as indicated. Our psychiatrists functions as consultants to the therapists at the Counseling Center. Access to the psychiatrists is only available through internal referrals. Therefore...

Students who require or seek psychiatric services must:

  • Have seen a Counseling Center therapist for urgent care or intake
  • Have ongoing contact with their assigned therapist
  • Be in regular care with a therapist in the Counseling Center
  • Determine by the therapist that a psychiatric referral is indicated

Continuing Care

Our psychiatrists provide psychiatric evaluations and time-limited treatment in urgent cases to help stabilize or prevent a crisis situation. Once the student is stabilized, continued care will be transferred to a provider in the community. Students who are seeking only routine medication management or non-urgent psychiatric evaluations will be directly referred out in the following ways:

Students with SHIP

Students with SHIP will be referred to the UC Irvine Student Health Center or to other community-based providers under the SHIP plan.

  1. Student Health Center Psychiatry Services (949) 824-5304
  2. UCIMC Psychiatry Services (714) 456-5902 — UCIMC, Orange, Centerpointe, Irvine/Newport Beach

Students with Private Insurance

Students with other private insurance will be referred to providers under their insurance plan

Plan Ahead

Because the Counseling Center psychiatric services are in high demand and limited, we ask students to utilize the service responsibly for their own well-being. For example, students who are transitioning to UC Irvine and require routine medication management will need to take care that they do not run out of their medication and thereby risk relapse. Students who plan to utilize a community-based psychiatrist should make an appointment with the psychiatrist well in advance for this follow-up care. It often takes at least one month to obtain an appointment with a community psychiatrist under an insurance plan.