Our basic treatment model of individual, couples and family therapy is short-term and time limited. There is no limit on the amount of group therapy you may receive in any academic year.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy begins once you are assigned to a therapist in the Counseling Center. Your therapist for ongoing work may not be the same person whom you saw for your initial appointment. You and your therapist will find a time that is mutually available, and in most instances, you will meet on a weekly basis. Appointments are available from 8 AM to 4 PM with each session typically lasting for 45 to 50 minutes.

Your therapist will work with you to help you resolve those issues that brought you into therapy. With the therapist you will be given an opportunity to develop greater understanding of yourself, your current life situation, and develop insights and skills to help you in the future.

At the conclusion of your work or during the course of treatment with the therapist, you both may agree that continued, longer-term therapy or other assistance may be helpful to you. If this is the case, the therapist will work with you to find appropriate referrals in the community.

Couples/Family Therapy

There are occasions when a UC Irvine student comes in with an issue that involves their relationship with a spouse/partner or family member(s). In these situations, you and your therapist will assess the appropriateness of involving other parties in the therapy process. As with individual therapy, couples therapy is short-term and time limited. Your therapist will work with you to determine if the Counseling Center can meet your goals or whether you would be better served by a referral to off-campus resources.

Group Services

Even though some students are nervous at first about joining a group, many soon discover that it is the best approach for their particular concerns. Groups can be especially beneficial for students who learn from others or feel lonely, depressed, or anxious, or who are concerned about how they relate to other people. During your initial appointment, your therapist will help you explore the options for group work.

A number of therapy, support, and psychoeducational groups are offered each quarter. Some groups focus on specific concerns such as stress management, relationships, and depression. Some groups are designed to provide support for students with shared identities. Groups meet once weekly for approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. The therapy groups usually are limited to no more than eight members while the support groups vary in size.

Except for the support groups, all prospective group members are required to attend a pre-group screening session. A pre-group screening and orientation session is a brief meeting with leader(s) before the group begins. The purposes are to provide information about the group, and to determine if group therapy is the best way to work on your concerns.

For more information, and to browse a listing of this quarter's groups, visit our Group Services page.