Outreach and Prevention Programming

In support of the overall mission of the Counseling Center, outreach and preventionl programming services are provided to all members of the UCI Irvine campus community. Our goal is to extend servcies beyond the walls of the Counseling Center and to create learning environments outside of the formal education setting. Outreach and Prevention Programming can take on many shapes and forms with the ultimate goal being to provide information about counseling services, mental health issues and concerns, and provide psycho-education as a means of prevention. Our goal is to asssist students in acquiring knowledge and skills that will improve resilience, overall well-being, and academic success; thus, preventing or reducing the risk of emotional distress. 

The Counseling Center also provides services in this area through teaching classes for residents of three of our undergraduate housing complexes; Campus Village, Mesa Court, and Middle Earth. A few examples of past course offerings would include Interpersonal Relationships, Intersections of Diversity, and Leadership and Identity. Every winter the UCI Counseling Center also holds a five-week workshop series called Goals In Action (GIA) where we partner with multiple departments across campus to provide academic resilience skills. 

The Counseling Center staff also provide consultation services to students, faculty, and staff. 

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