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Crisis Care

For Life Threatening Emergencies or for Crisis Care needs 24/7:

Call (949) 824-6457 and select Option # 2. You will be transferred to a crisis support line

Crisis Text Line
Text “Home” to 741741

Call National Suicide Prevention Line at

Call UCI Campus Police at
(949) 824-5223

Call 911
Go to your nearest Emergency Room

Resources for Students

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We are here to provide UC Irvine students with a broad range of mental health services. They include individual, relationship, group counseling, and psychotherapy for registered undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. We also provide urgent care, crisis response, consultation, and outreach programs for the university community. To access resources click on the heading for each resource.

If you’re looking for support in linking to off-campus therapy referrals, please visit our Referral and Resource Support page.

A tool for searching UCI wellness programs and initiatives for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. From workshops and programs to counseling and basic needs support, UCI Be Well combines a vast array of available campus resources

Check out the UC Irvine Just in Case app for great tips on how to help yourself during times of distress, how to help a friend who is in distress, and get connected to resources on campus and in the community. 

Free, anonymous screenings for depression, anxiety problems, eating disorders, and alcohol problems. This screening tool can help you decide if meeting with a therapist might be helpful. 

An anonymous online resource for college mental health where you can find excellent self-assessment tools and fact sheets on mental health.

Sponsored by ULifeline, Half of Us has videos and blogs from celebrities about mental health issues.

Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement. We are a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to a shared vision of mental wellness and equality.

Written especially for UC Irvine graduate and professional school students, this booklet contains information and resources that can be helpful in balancing the demands and challenges of graduate school.

Call 2-1-1

Community resources hotline: Offers access to services for basic human needs, physical and mental health, employment support, support for elderly and disabled people, support for children, youth and families, and more. Click on the appropriate link depending on location. 

    How to Improve Relationship with Food

    Are you struggling with your relationship with food? In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week that occurs Feb. 21st- Feb. 27th here are 7 tips that will help you improve your relationship with food:

    1. Be aware that there are NO “good” foods and “bad” foods. All foods provide nutrition and sustenance to the body and our bodies need protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and even sugar and fat to survive. All foods are good if you eat a variety of foods to get all of the nutrients that you need in moderation….

    Weather the Changes in Weather

    It is getting closer to the holiday break and the end is in sight! Soon we will be with family and friends and getting some much-needed relaxation after the start to the quarter! Phew!

    While this time can be something to look forward to, it is important to still be aware of caring for your mental health. Here are some things to consider as we reach the end of the year!

    Taking Care of your Emotional Health in an Emergency

    It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during and after an emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic and continued concerns around anti-Black and anti-Asian violence and discrimination. Everyone reacts differently, and your own feelings will change over time. Notice and accept how you feel. Taking care of your emotional health during an emergency will help you think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself and your loved ones. Self-care during an emergency will help your long-term healing.