Important Notice: How to Make a Report of Sexual Harassment and Notice of Nondiscrimination

To View the University of California Notice of Nondiscrimination and for detailed information, resources and guidance regarding the reporting of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment, please click the link below

Need Help?

Crisis Care

For Life Threatening Emergencies or for Crisis Care needs 24/7:

Call (949) 824-6457 and select Option # 2

or 1-866-817-9842

Crisis Text Line
Text “Home” to 741741

Call or text 9-8-8 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at

Call UCI Campus Police at
(949) 824-5223

Call 911
Go to your nearest Emergency Room

SHIP within California

Off-Campus Referrals for Students with SHIP

Instructions for Students Residing in California only. 

1. Do you have a hard copy of your SHIP ID card or do you have your SHIP Insurance Card downloaded on your phone?

    • Please note that your SHIP insurance is Anthem Blue Cross PPO.
    • From your mobile device or tablet: Go to App Store or Google Play and download the “StudentHealth” app.
    • Register and view your electronic insurance card.
    • If you need to download a copy of your SHIP insurance card,visit here for instructions.

2. Find therapy referrals:

    • Set up an account with The Shrink Space:
    • Please note you will have to create a login with an email address to access the full functionality of the directory.
    • Once logged in to The Shrink Space and you’re on the search results page, set the drop-down menu “In Network Insurance” to “Anthem” and make sure to select “APPLY” at the bottom right of the drop-down menu to accurately filter results.
    • This will refine the results to only show you those therapists that are in-network with your SHIP plan, which is an Anthem Blue Cross PPO plan.

3. Contact therapists directly via The Shrink Space:

    The following is a script you can use as a guide when you message a therapist or if you choose to leave a voicemail with a therapist:

    Hi, my name is _______.

    I would like to start therapy with you to work on ______.

    I am a student from UCI and have Anthem Blue Cross PPO insurance (your SHIP insurance).

    I am available ______ (Days/Times of day).

    My phone number is _______[repeat number twice if leaving a voicemail] and

    I will be awaiting your call back within the week.

    4. When the therapists call you back, you want to verify:

      • They still accept Anthem Blue Cross PPO IN-NETWORK (if they speak of a ‘superbill’ or being ‘out-of-network’ this will cost a lot more money).
      • If they are providing teletherapy and/or in-person services. (this may already be listed on their profile)
      • Their schedule and availability (this may already be listed on their profile).
      • You can schedule directly with them or let them know you will call them back if you’re unsure.
      • When you schedule an appointment, obtain their address – including fax number if they have one.

    5. Once you have an appointment scheduled, you need to contact the UCI Student Health Center Insurance Office to request a referral (also known as an authorization) to the provider you’ve selected.

    You can call them at 949-824-2388 or you can email them at Please note that email is not secure or confidential.    

    You will need to provide them with the name, address, phone number, and fax number (if they have one) of the therapist you are going to see. The Insurance Office will then send a referral to the therapist on your behalf. 

    **Please note that while most therapists and group practices require the authorization after an appointment is made, some group practices require the authorization in advance of scheduling an appointment. In this case you can use the name of the group practice.**


    6. During your first in-person appointment expect there to be some intake paperwork

    (or the therapist may send it to you ahead of time).


    Additional Information:

    • There is NO copay for outpatient mental health services with SHIP for the 2021/2022 school year!
    • Please note if you want to try a different provider, you will need to contact the UCI Student Health Center Insurance Office again prior to seeing a second provider and complete a new referral. Each provider requires a separate referral form.
    • If you have further questions about the referral process you are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center main line at 949-824-6457 and request a Referral and Resource Support appointment for assistance.
    • Another option for finding a therapist is by visiting however, this site is not as efficient as using The Shrink Space.
    • For urgent matters please call the Counseling Center at (949) 824-6457, and if it’s after hours or on weekends, press option 2 to reach the after-hours crisis line. For emergencies, call 911 or the UCI Campus Police at (949) 824-5223.


    Summer Reflection

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